McCallum Surveys takes pride in delivering the best possible service to each of its clients.

Civil development

Surveying services are carried out to guide the construction of new structures or buildings. They also provide the necessary reference marks and measurements to ensure that the projects are completed on time.

Road and rail infrastructure

Our experienced and skilled surveying professionals deliver high accuracy works carried out in an efficient manner. This involves working closely with other team members to ensure that projects are delivered on time and budget.

Cadastral, building and structural surveying

McCallum Surveys provides concise, efficient measurement for effective continuation of works. We have extensive experience working with leading construction companies, we understand the challenges involved with keeping production targets on track, as well as problem solving along the way.

Industrial surveyor on construction site, working with thodolite, gps system and level machine

Building development

McCallum Surveys has the right  employees, including surveyors, office support staff and experienced managers. Our company structure allows us to engage additional resources as required within developed systems. 

3D laser scanning and aerial mapping

Integrated 3D laser scanning and Aerial Mapping solutions providing unsurpassed speed, accuracy and range for demanding scanning projects.